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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


My Running Gear: Garmin Forerunner 735XT

When it comes to running - you don't have to have any gear.  That is the beauty of the sport!  You don't have to have anything but a desire to do it and the follow through to execute the desire.

The simplicity of running makes it unique.

Some people run barefoot.  Others run commando.  Most run with some sort of specially bought gear whether it be shoes, performance tech clothing, watches, belts, food, chaffing help, drinks, sun glasses, etc.  Like most things, there are items out there that are sold with hopes of aiding your efforts to become better, faster, stronger and more successful (success means something different to everyone).  It's no different with me - the average level runner.

Nice and Slow!
One thing that I always have on during my runs is my Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch.  It is amazing.  Now, in my first few years of running (going on 6 years now), I repeatedly bought cheap watches and used them until they broke down.  They worked great for a short time but would have to be replaced often.  If that is for you, keep going for it!  I decided however to spend a little money and go with a Garmin.  It has changed my running.  I am not fast by any means, or probably by anyone's standards, but I now can view stats of my runs that I didn't even know were possible to record with watch having only used cheap watches. Does this watch make me faster that a cheaper watch cannot?  In a way, yes but it doesn't shoot sugar or caffeine into my blood stream to do so, which would be awesome!  It does show me where my performance level is at and helps me push harder.    

Using the Garmin Connect app, I can view all that my watch recorded.  I can see elevation gain, elevation loss, calories burned, distance, map, cadence, average heart rate, max heart rate, splits, average speed, average moving speed, average pace, average moving pace, max speed, total time, total moving time, average run cadence, max run cadence, average stride length and it rates training effect.   It also gives graphics for each of those things!  When I say that it gives graphics - it breaks it down to "at what point of your run" that your cadence, pace, heart rate, etc took place.

It is not necessary to have the Garmin Connect app to view your results but for the all inclusive review - it is necessary.

Is it a smartwatch?  Yes!

For sure!  I can see who's calling, notifications, weather - all of it.  I can also sync it with other apps and it will configure those apps in regards to activity and calories consumed/burned/etc.

Is my watch just for running?  No!  

This particular watch is a triathlon watch.  It can also record Cycling results and Swimming results.  I have used it for cycling but not for swimming.  My understanding is that the heart rate will not work when under water.  I am not a big swimmer but would like to complete some sort of an Ironman.  It may be more of a simpler version of an Ironman as I am not at, or near, a point where they would be able to say over the system "You are an Ironman".  

Is the watch just for sports?  No!

This watch, like most Garmin watches I believe, record sleep habits, daily steps, Calories burned throughout the day and so forth.  To see detailed results though, the Connect App, which is free, is needed.  The 735XT also allows for you to personalize the different "apps".  You can change the face of the watch, add different data fields, widgets and such to the watch.  This is all done through the Connect IQ store.  Currently, my watch has a different than standard watch face that shows time, date, battery life, steps, miles traveled, calories burned, heart rate and graph of daily steps and cal burned.  It sounds like a lot but it isn't. Scrolling through the different apps/widgets on my watch I can see in more detail than watch face: steps, miles traveled, weather, my day stats, heart rate (current, resting heart rate, and graph of last 4 hours), controls, Notifications and Last Run.  All of that allows for customization.  Pretty Awesome right!

Is the watch worth the money?  Yes!

I don't like to spend money on stuff.  Maybe it was the way that I was raised to always find the deal - the cheapest price.  Was this a big expenditure for me?  It was.  It took some money but it was well worth it!  Through the years of buying the cheap watches - I probably could have bought one watch that was worth it and actually told the real story through my runs as I now have.

They say on race day that you stay "tried and true" to what you know works for you.  You don't want to eat something different than normal.  You don't want to wear a new pair of shoes at the starting line of a marathon.  You want to find something that works, that works well, and stick to it  This watch is the watch for me.  I can wear it for a run and have very detailed results to view and then keep it on when I go to work!  

It's never easy, for me, to spend a chunk of money on something that I wear but this piece of running gear has been worth it!

(I receive nothing for reviewing my watch!)


2017: A Year for the Marathon

I've toyed with the idea for a long time of doing longer distance races.  I'm not fast by ANY means but I do enjoy long distance running.  I just haven't 'long distanced' that far by any other way than a motorized vehicle.

26.2 is crazy right?!

The longest race that I attempted and completed was the Half Marathon.  I always envisioned doing a marathon after that and using the Half as part of my training but that didn't happen as planned.  I finished the half, took a break, hurt myself and never got back to that distance.  I believe the longest run since that Half has been 10 miles.

Last year, my running picked up again.  I had been running each year but last year I was able to really shed some more weight and get back into running.  I think I did somewhere between 7-10 5k races and was able to place in my age group a few times.  It's always nice to place in your age group.  Now, they were probably much smaller races than what many people get into.  These races are usually attached to smaller towns and may not be as big as others.  I usually find my races by way of a google search and checking out Active or Running in the USA sites.  Local running club Facebook pages are a huge help too.

With the increase in running, races and mileage - I found my groove again.  I also purchased the GARMIN Forerunner 735XT after seeing a buddy's and just had to have it too!  It was a great purchase and it has been very eye-opening when looking at the statistics of my runs.  It's nice to see beyond the TIME, SPLITS and DISTANCE that many watches only show.

I told my wife on December 31st of 2016 that I was going to kick 2017 off right.  My plan was to be on the treadmill, which I hate running on, right after the clock turned into 2017.  It's a good thing that I didn't make that a New Year's Resolution because I failed.  I did run on January 1st but it was later in the day.  I went to bed soon after the clock turned.

They do say that rest is equally as important as the actual running right?

This year, I have been able to pick back up where I had left last year.  I took a 'rest' during the colder months to recover from all of the running of the past season.

Never before have I felt the desire to run the marathon stronger than this year.

26.2 miles is crazy right?!

Maybe it's the desire to accomplish something that I haven't yet.  Maybe it's the way to push myself further than I've been in my running.  Maybe it's because I'm just crazy.

Yeah, I'm sure I'm crazy!


RACE RECAP: Harold's National Doughnut Day 5k - Columbia, MO

Disclaimer: I understand that after writing a review of something that it might make some people upset and others happy.  We all claim to desire change but when challenged with change we tend to fight it with hurricane force.  My goal in reviewing the races that I participate is solely based on my experience with the race.  Each review will be honest but try to highlight the positives moreso than the negatives.


BIB # 129

Date: June 4, 2016

Time: 28'53"

Actual Distance: 2.9 miles

Location:  Columbia, MO

Time of Race: 10:00am

Race Beneficiary: Central Missouri Humane Society

Registration or Check-in Process:  Easy.  Signed up online and picked up bib and shirt right away on race day.

Course Difficulty: Easy [out and back] and relatively flat.  The 5k started in a park and followed paved path for first ½-1 mile and then turned to trail path and ended back at the same park.  The race began on a sidewalk and funneled everyone through a tight path at very beginning [not good for dogs on leashes which equated into a tangle or two].  Granted, it was not a certified course but the course was not the full 3.1 miles but was marked as such.  It had the same start and finish line.  Turn around point was marked at 1.5 miles.  Interestingly enough, there was a 3 mile marker towards the end of the race despite the 5k not actually reaching 3 miles in total.   Being a dog friendly race, there were a couple times that leashes were tangled and caused a traffic jam. 

Family/Child Friendly:  Yes and No.  [Music had many F*Bombs blasting over system in downtown Columbia] I guess that’s a personal preference but not really child friendly.  Children were allowed to go with parent on the race or be pushed in a stroller which is a plus for those needing to do so.  Letting children run begins the run-bug at an early age which is a positive.  

Pet Friendly:  As stated, many dogs were there with their owners.  Very Pet Friendly.  They did hand out packets of dog food at the end of the race as well.

Race Swag:  There wasn't a lot of swag with this race.  We did not receive a Swag Big.  They did give a shirt & race bib and handed out packets of dog food at the end of the race. 

Post-Race Food:  Fresh and On-Site made doughnuts, Beer, water, coffee, Popsicles  and small cup of recovery drink [chocolate].  They did not have the typical post race food: fruit, yogurt, energy bars, Gatorade, etc.  The spread was pretty good and the doughnuts were awesome!  They did have on-site vendors so that you could buy recovery products.

Race Environment:  Music was playing.  Many dogs were there as the race was supporting the humane society.  This race was dog friendly and many runners took advantage of that and ran with their dog.  There were plenty of people cheering at the finish line as finishers crossed.  A dancing robot was at the halfway point and later at the registration tent.  Runners were encouraged to dance with the robot.

Additional Comments:  Overall, it was a functional race.  It was their inaugural race with it's own quirks.  There were no medals or official time keeping.  The Harold’s National Doughnut Day 5k has potential to be a really fun race.  I’ve run a lot of small races and this race could be one of those that could be a ‘I’m going to come back’ type of race.  There are some things that I would suggest for that to happen. 


1)    The course doesn’t have to be certified.  It can simply be a Fun Run but the distance still needs to be 5k distance or advertise it as 5k[ish].  Even unofficial time keeping would be cool. Medals aren't necessary but it would gain more attention from people searching for races to compete in.

2)     Have those running with dogs start in the back.  It is not a penalty to them but makes it easier for those not running with dogs to not get tangled up in the event of a tangle.  Many runners are still training and want to compete despite it being a 'fun run'.  It was cool to see all of the dogs there and made me wish that my dog was better trained so that I could take her out and run like that. 

3)   Play family friendly, or simply edited, music.  F*bombs suck.   I get that kids will hear it at school, home, out in public or wherever.  The race was advertised as a fun environment and it’s got to be tailored to everyone for that to happen. Simple fix would be to play the radio version.

4)  Running on roads may help.  The Start and Finish Line funnelled through the vendors.  On the return, it made it very congested as runners were to run on the same sidewalk that people were standing on to visit the vendor booths. 


1)   On-Site Freshly made doughnuts.  Hands down my favorite part!

2)   Dancing Robot – I didn’t dance with it but I did give it a high-five at the turnaround.

3)   Shirts and Bib design was pretty cool.  The Doughnut had a headband of icing on it with a long john next to it.  Bib had a doughnut on it.

4)      The 10:00 am race start gave time for those driving any distance to get there with plenty of time and be able to have received plenty of sleep before.

Any time one can eat a freshly made doughnut at the end of the race -- that's  a win in my book!


Get out of your head!



You can't finish this!

You won't be able to lift that!

That is too high!

That is way too much weight!

You look fat!

You are fat!

She is better than you!

He is faster than you!

You can't ever look like that!

You won't be able to be successful!

You always come up short!

I can't change!

This is who I always will be!


Just Quit!


Get out of your head and defy the thoughts that pull you down!


Afraid of the Gym?

When I talk to others that go to the gym - it seems that there is always anxiety attached to it.

I'm sure that there is a scientific study to it but I'm going to list the reasons that people are timid or even refuse to go to the gym through conversations that I've had.


People are genuinely afraid to go to the gym to work out.  Maybe even more afraid of just being in public while working out or any form of exercise.  The thought is frightening.  I get that.  Have you ever heard a 265 lb man run on a treadmill.  Do you think I didn't hear it too as I ran on it?  I didn't need looks.  I didn't want to weaken the bolts that are holding it together.  I especially don't like people see my fat jiggle around with each step.

But then I realized these two things:

A) It's not my equipment and if it breaks, maybe they'll buy better equipment and
B) Who cares what they think.  If I am at the gym making myself better, it's sure doing a lot more than taking up a weight bench staring at me run.

Others in the gym are just as insecure with how they look as you are with how you look.

MY ADVICE: Know that your worth, beauty, strengths and values are not in what others think of you.

Side Note:  I am afraid to run on my treadmill at home.  While I think it can handle me, it's not as solid as the one at the gym.


There was a time that I didn't know how to type.  There was a time that I didn't know how to drive a car.  There was even a time that I didn't know how to get dressed on my own.  And then I learned.  Some of my learning came from trial and error while some was by hands on experience.  Most though, came from instruction.

Using the machines or free weights can be intimidating.  It still is for me today.  It's intimidating to go into the weight lifting area.  I get it.  There's other people in the area and you going in with little knowledge is a brave step and one few people take.

You can prepare before you go to the gym as well.  Check YOUTUBE for instructional videos.  Take a class - Many gyms have classes that you can take part in that educate you in different exercises and how to perform them.  Hire a trainer - it's a financial commitment but even if you only do this for a little while it can pay off.  Download an app - there are a ton of apps out there that will show you the exercise; imitate it.  Keep your eyes open - most machines have instructions mounted to them in order for you to use them properly.

MY ADVICE:  Take the step.  Talk to the gym manager or trainer and have them show you the machines.  If you are worried about form, (form is key; quality over quantity), ask a trainer or a trusted peer.  Most likely, if there is someone else there in the same area - they'll help you if they see something wrong.  People look out for people more often than not.  Be brave!


(Google defines the following)

noun: a male peafowl, which has very long tail feathers that have eye-like markings and that can be erected and expanded in display like a fan.

verb: display oneself ostentatiously; strut like a peacock

There are those guys and girls that want to fan their feathers for all to see!  They focus more on how their triceps looks in the mirror without a weight in their hand than actually doing triceps extensions.  They strut their stuff and want all to look at them.  Those gyms are no fun to be at.  Talk about intimidating.  It's like looking at Arnold Schwarzenegger strut around the gym and then I look at myself in the mirror and see short Arnold Schwarzenegger in a fat suit.

It's tempting to do that when you do feel good about yourself and how you look outwardly but it's a tell tale sign of what is happening inwardly.  The gym is not a dating platform, or shouldn't be, and you shouldn't be afraid of the peacocks.  Eventually, the peacocks will be outdone by another and they''ll wimper back to their corner.

MY ADVICE:  You do your thing and better yourself!  Let the peacocks strut and you take care of yourself.  They won't bite you.  They might look at you but if you refuse to entertain it - they know they'll have to go somewhere else.  They might get in the way too - just brush them aside and go about your business.  If you are tempted -- it's best for you to ignore the peacocks and find your significant other somewhere else.  They might look like peacocks with pretty feathers but they're more like vultures looking to prey on others' weaknesses.  If you continue to better yourself - your hard work and determination will pay off and when you mix that with a solid inner beauty; that's something on another level!




What's on your Gym Playlist?

Are you a Daydreamer [fans of Adele]?  Are you a Belieber [fans of Justin Beiber]?  Are you a Swiftie [fans of Taylor Swift]?

Whoever you are - you probably like some sort of music!

My playlists vary.  Different places mean different playlists.  I don't usually play the same music during my office hours as I do driving or working out.

When I am writing a lesson I like to have music on in the background that requires no focus.

When I am doing work in my garage - cleaning, wood work, being creative - it's usually country [usually because that's the only station that the radio picks up in there].

When I am at work I usually tend to listen to something that isn't going to bother the offices next door; something along the lines of alternative/rockish and it's usually at a volume that they don't hear it anyways.

When I am doing yard work - I actually like to listen to podcasts.  Because the mower and the weedeater are loud anyway, turning the music up loud enough to hear it leaves my ears ringing afterwards.  I enjoy doing the yard work but sometimes there are other things that I need to do so at least the podcast makes the time pass by easier.

When I am in the car or driving it is the radio.  I don't have sirius radio or anything so I'm stuck with whatever is currently playing on Ryan Seacrest's top songs show.  That's not always ideal as a lot of it is crap - I guess I'm old enough to say that now but seriously - a lot of it's crap.

When I am in the gym though, it's usually rap and/or hip hop.  It keeps me going.  I love to work out to it.

Now, most of what I listen to is by christian artists.  This isn't some knock on "alternative music" as I still listen to non-christian music today.  I grew up on rap with the likes of Tupac, Dre, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Bone Thugs, and such.  Eminem came soon after and I liked listening to him too.  His songs still have that catch for me.  Here's the thing though with all of these artists: while lyrically pretty genious, and even with accuracy of the times then - it doesn't do it for me anymore.  The darkness of Eminem's early stuff is just crazy to me now.  Honestly though, what was considered dark, crazy and vulgar back then is much of the norm today with any genre.

I strive to have things around me that are going to better me.  I want stuff that I am going to be challenged with. The strides that christian rap, hip hop and rock has taken - I have that now in music.

My gym playlist consists of Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Propaganda, KB, Trip Lee, Sho Baraka, Tedashii,  Family Force 5, Derek Minor, Beautiful Eulogy, Red, Manafest


7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook

7 people + 3 months = Fit With a Purpose on Facebook

Fit With a Purpose has expanded onto Facebook for a more personal interaction.  The platform makes conversation easier and more accessible.  The website is a tool for many to use and continue to provide relevant content concerning Fitness, Faith, and Family.  

For the next 3 months, people are following the health and fitness journeys of 7 individuals as they embark on their personal journey to better fitness.  This is at their pace, will power, discipline, workout plans, gyms, homes, etc.  This is all up to them.  Each week, they will post a video talking about the successes and failures of the past week and share hopes for the upcoming week.  Throughout the weeks, Fit With a Purpose will provide insight into workout routines, healthy recipes, and similar areas.  

We hope that you will add Fit With a Purpose's Facebook community to your 'must follow' social media list and that you will continue to watch the website for ongoing conversation in the world of fitness, faith, and healthy family advice.


2016 Goals

Here are my goals for 2016! 

As you can see, there is no magical number for me to land on or to lose in order to be happy at concerning weight. Each day that I make good decisions will reap benefits health-wise overall. Exercising the body, mind, relationships and generosity with my goals this year. 

What are your goals for 2016?